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Welcome to Year 1

Thank you for stopping and looking at our Year 1 webpage. We hope you enjoy having a look at all our lovely learning.  In Year 1 we like to work and play hard, and we are looking forward to continuing our Learning Journey from where we left off in Reception! We have a lot of exciting things planned for this year, so please keep coming back to our webpage to see what we have been up to.

Careers and Aspirations

We really enjoyed listening to one of our parents this week who kindly offered to come into school to talk about her role as CSI in the police. Our teachers dressed as a CSI and we took our finger prints in class. We also played a spot the difference game. Many of our Years were truly inspired today.

Reading Club

In Year 1 Reading club we love to read aloud with our friends and share all the books we enjoy! 


We have been sorting pictures of human and physical features in the UK. There are so many beau


We have been weaving in the style of the artist Margo Selby! We enjoyed making our colourful textiles using a needle and wool.


We have been learning to tell the time to the o'clock! How clever are we!

Forest School 

Year One spent a wonderful day outside with Mrs Wynne-Hughes in Forest School today. Helped by the glorious weather, the children enjoyed making dens, sculpting with clay, digging and playing in the mud kitchen! The session finished with the children toasting marshmallows on a open fir

Science- Classifying and Grouping Plants

Year One spent time out in the school grounds looking at Wild Flowers and Garden Flowers and finding different ways to group and classy them.

Science - Plants

Year One continue to observe the various seeds we planted a few ago. Each class has been watering and keeping a careful eye on their plants, with the sunflowers seeming to grow the quickest! Further updates to continue .

RE - Pentecost
The children spent time learning about the events of Pentecost when we received the gift of the Holy Spirit. They then spent time planning how to represent this through drama and ‘Freeze Frames.’


We have been practising the skills we’ve been taught to program a BeeBot from a starting point to a finishing point and we have been using ‘Scratch’ to program our chosen sprite.

Art - Weaving

Inspired by the artist Margo Selby, Year One have been exploring the technique of weaving over the last few weeks. Having initially practised the technique on paper plates, the children then moved on to creating their own mini looms to allow them to explore using 'warps' and 'wefts' to create their own final pieces. Watch this space for the finished results!

Art - weaving

Ash class have been practising weaving after being inspired by the crafts person, Margo Selby. We have been weaving around paper plates, it’s so much fun!


Maple class have had lots of fun practising weaving using wool and paper plates. The children looped the wool through the cuts starting at the top and following them around clockwise. Very quickly they mastered the art!


Laurel Class began our dance lessons this week by exploring how we can use '8 Count' to help us keep in time with both the music and each other. The theme of the music was seasons, and the children began by moving like snowflakes, alternating their moves on the count of 8. Britain's Got Talent watch out we are coming!

Science - Plants (Summer 1)

We were excited to start our 'Plants' topic this week. The children began by classifying different seeds before planting these so that we can watch them develop into seedlings over the next couple of weeks. Watch this space for more photos and videos of how they are getting on.

Year One - Science Club
Year One began Science Club with a bang this week by trying the famous ‘Skittle’ experiment. The children made predictions and explored how changing the temperature of the water would affect the results. What will we try next time?

Year One enjoyed putting together all our recent learning in computing to program simple algorithms on the app ‘Scratch Junior’ and change the appearance of their chosen sprite and background before having it move and in some cases talk!

Year One visit Goodison Park
We had an amazing time visiting the home of Everton Football Club, Goodison Park. The trip was to start our new history topic this half term on ‘Significant historical locations’ in our locality. The children were given a tour of the ground before taking part in a workshop on the history of the ground. Thank you to everyone at EFC for a wonderful morning.

Willow class visit EFC!

Ash class at Everton Football Club 


We have been finding half of shapes and quantities of objects.


Easter Fun Day in Year 1

Year One had lots of Easter based fun in school today. Having watched Year 2’s celebrations for Easter Sunday in church, we then took part in lots of Easter activities including Bingo, Basket making and biscuit decorating! A big shout out to Willow Class who got to take part in an Easter Egg hunt as recognition for their amazing attendance. Keep this up everyone!

Easter Hat Parade

Year One had lots of fun taking part in the schools Easter Bonnet Parade this morning. Despite the weather a fun time was had by all! 

Science - Materials

Year One finished off our exploration of the most suitable materials to use to build the Three Pigs house by looking at the windows. We met the vocabulary TRANSPARENT and OPAQUE and tried a number of materials to see which might work best.

Comic Relief 2024

Year One loved taking part in Comic Relief, telling jokes to do something ‘funny for money’. Check out some of our jokes and see if you can spot any future comedians!

Science- Materials

Laurel Class continued our exploration of materials and their properties today by investigating the best choice of material for the Three Little Pigs roof. We were introduced to the terms absorbent, non absorbent and waterproof today and discovered which materials had these properties.

DT - Dips & Dippers (Make)

Year One had lots of fun making and trying our dips today. All the children were careful to use the new safe cutting techniques we had learnt so that they could prepare the vegetables they had chosen to use. We were very proud of everyone who tried their dips, which were given a resounding thumbs up! 

Ash class have had such fun learning new cutting skills in our design technology cookery lessons. We know how to use bridge and claw cut.

Science- Materials 

Laurel Class enjoyed working as Scientists today to investigate the suitability of Straw, Sticks, Cardboard and Bricks, for the walls of the Three Little Pigs houses.

World Book Day 2024

Year One had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day today. The children enjoyed sharing our chosen characters with the rest of the school (as well as a bit of a dance on the playground!) during our parade. We were lucky enough to visit other classes and share stories together. We then went back to class to complete an author study on our chosen author, Oliver Jeffers, and review his book ‘Lost and Found’. What a fun day! 

DT - Dippers & Dips
Laurel Class began our Work on designing and making ‘Dippers & Dip’ by first exploring existing products on the market. The children got to try a range of different flavoured dips before using their sense of taste to categorise them and decide whether they liked the flavour. We then held a class vote to decide which was our favourite. Well done to everyone who tried new flavours today ! 

Maple class enjoyed cutting and slicing a range of vegetables in DT. We practised the bridge cut and claw grip  ready for next week when we make our dips and dippers!

History- Toys Old &. New

Year 1 rounded off our exploration of the changes made to Toys within ‘Living Memory’ by trying to place some of the toys we’ve met in CHRONOLOGICAL order on simple timelines. We then tried to use simple Historical vocabulary to show the passing of time. 

Science - Materials 

Year 1 continued our exploration of materials today by conducting an experiment to see which materials would be the better choice to make an umbrella. We were introduced to new vocabulary like ABSORB and WATER PROOF as we explored each materials properties.

Maths - Measure

Having met new vocabulary like MEASURE, MASS and WEIGHT this week, we continued our exploration of measure by using the balance scales to COMPARE the MASS of different objects we found around the classroom, understanding that the size of an object will not always make it heavier or lighter.

History- Toys Old & New

Having spent our first lesson looking at toys from the PRESENT, today we explored toys from the PAST. Mr T brought in some of his own childhood toys including Star Wars, Action Man and Gordon the Gopher! We will then spend our third lesson comparing these in order to understand how things have changed within living memory.

History - Old Toys

Today we really enjoyed looking at the old toys Mr Turner played with as a child. Some of them we still play with today. Lots of the old toys were made of plastic and fabric but they do not move as well as some of our toys and they don’t light up or make noise.

Maths- Measure

Laurel Class have spent our maths lessons this week exploring how to measure the length or height of objects using standard and non-standard units of measure. It was lots of fun and everybody has begun to use rulers correctly in order to sort objects from shortest to longest. 

Continuous Provision- Science

Laurel Class spent some time in our Science area in Continuous Provision in order to revisit our learning on materials, guessing the material each object is made from, describing how they feel and naming some of their properties.


Continuous Provision

Ash class have been having lots of fun practising new skills in our CP areas. We have been investigating materials, practising cutting skills and sorting old and new toys. 


Ash class have been using objects such as cubes to measure objects around our classroom. We are now able to use a ruler to measure in centimetres.

Science -Materials

Laurel Class had lots of fun exploring materials that float today. We worked together to make predictions before testing each material to see if our predictions were right. We did however get a bit soggy!

Children’s Mental Health Week

The children enjoyed being part of Mental Health Week, taking part in dance, meditation and activities to reinforce the importance of their own voice.


We have been exploring and investigating materials during our Science lessons. We have looked at the properties of material, if materials are man made or natural and identifying the materials used to make objects. 

NSPCC Number Fun Day


We loved coming to school with our waxy hair and chanting all of our favourite Maths songs! 

Maple class really enjoyed the artists workshop painting with various tools such as paint brushes, sticks and sponges to create a picture. We used both primary and secondary colours to create our paintings! We made fish, trees and plants! It was so much fun! 

NSPCC Number Fun Day

Laurel Class enjoyed joining hundreds of other schools across the country to take part in the NSPCC’s annual Number Fun Day. The children took part in counting challenges, played board games as well as sharing maths related jokes and riddles they had prepared. All this while modelling some very whacky hairstyles!


‘How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?’     Ten-tacles 



PSHE - Spring 1 - Respectful Relationships

This week Year 1 have begun their new PSHE topic, thinking about ‘Respectful Relationships’. Laurel Class enjoyed talking and learning about being kind, polite, taking turns and sharing. 

Related Facts

 Our amazing work!

We have been learning our fact families with related numbers within 20!

Art - John Ndambo

We have been working very hard to create our own piece of Art work taken inspiration from John Ndambo. First, we practised all the skills needed. We practised how to colour wash, then practised making the people, trees and grass! Then we put it all together to create our final piece.

They are amazing!


We had a special visit from an artist. She taught us how to use different strokes using our paintbrushes. She taught us how to flick and dab. We then used these techniques to create our own bird painting.

Science - 'Stop the Block'

The children enjoyed a visit from the team at Mad Science today to learn important life skills today, about what can and can't be flushed down the toilet. As you will see from the video below, putting the wrong things down the toilet can cause big problems! Don't forget everyone, remember the 3 P's, pee, poo and paper!


Laurel Class found some time to venture outside together and have some fun building snowmen! It also gave us the opportunity to take another look at how the seasons affect our weather. 

Science - Materials 

Year one have begun our exploration of ‘Materials’ this half-term by investigating some of the objects we use every day in school. We tried to identify what material each object was made from and began to describe them.

Maths - Addition & Subtraction within 20.

Year One have begun our exploration of addition and subtraction within 20 this week. We revisited the Number Bonds to 10 and how we can use this knowledge to help us solve bonds to 20.

Willow Class Party!

We had the BEST time today at our Christmas party!
Lots of colouring, singing, dancing, eating and watching movies! 

Laurel Class Nativity
Congratulations to all the children of Laurel Class who put on a spectacular show this week. You were all amazing. Today Walton, next stop the West End !

Willow Class Nativity Pictures!

 Wow! What a brilliant performance by Willow class today!

Take a look at us in our lovely costumes!


Laurel Class have been enjoying our music lessons, developing our ability to identify the beat within a piece of music and use our bodies to replicate it. We have also begun to use the Glockenspiels to join in with a song we have been learning in our lessons!

Science - Seasons

Laurel Class have continued our regular investigation of the seasons and how these affect our weather. We are now only a few days away from Christmas so we are still very much in the middle of Winter and the weather and the trees around our school reflects this. Wrap up warm everyone!


 In DT we have designed, made and evaluated a Christmas card with a moving mechanism. Children first explored and practised how to make a sliding part or a lever. The Christmas card was designed and then made.

Take a look at our amazing Christmas cards!

Estimation Station!

 Well done to Willow class estimation station winners! This week, we had three winners!

The amount of chocolate snowmen was 17! We had guesses which were 1 more and 1 less than 17 so the prize was shared!

Well done!!


 We are started to look at place value to 20 in year one! In Willow class, we have been looking at different ways we can show 20!

'Mathvent' Calendars!

Wow! Look at some children from Willow class who have made their own 'Mathvent' calendar at home! 


In DT we have begun to look at sliders and levers! First we explored some existing products, looking at books with moving parts.

We then practised the skill, making a sliding moving part (a part that moves side to side or up and down) and then a lever (a moving part that moves in a circular motion, held down by a pivot).

Here is Willow class practising the skill of making a lever and slider. 


 Willow class getting into the Christmas spirit!


We have been learning all about Shapes. We have learnt about 2D and 3D shapes. Here we are exploring making some shapes using wooden lollipop sticks!


Children in Need

Year One enjoyed taking part in Children in Need today. The base was a sea of yellow ears, and we enjoyed making Pudsey style biscuits. Thank you to all our families that sent in a donation, which will be sent on to the charity. 

Chester Zoo

As part of our learning in Science Year One paid a trip to Chester Zoo this week. We all loved seeing all the different animals, and used the opportunity to develop our understanding of the different groups that each belonged to. Laurel Class especially enjoyed the penguins who put on quite a show for us!


 We have been exploring another religion; Judaism. We were learning all about Abraham and his stars.

Abraham was someone who really loved and trusted God. He was a great leader. He told people that there is only one God, some people at that time thought there were lots of gods. God promised Abraham that his descendent would be as many as the stars in the heaven or the sand on sea shore.
We drew our family in a star and added them together to show a beautiful, full, night sky!

Maths - Shape

Year One have begun to look at 3D and 2D shapes this week. We have been exploring each shape noting which ones rolled and which ones stacked and examining them closely to see why. We have found examples of 3d shapes in real life and used the faces on these shapes to explore the 2D shapes within them.


This half term, we will be reading 'Rapunzel' by Bethan Woollvin. We have been learning some new vocabulary from the book, such as; cackle, suspected and secretly. Look at the picture of some of us cackling like the evil witch!

Continuous Provision

Year One have enjoyed using our Continuous Provision area this half term in order to revisit and consolidate lots of the learning we have been doing in class through play, as well as our ability to work independently or as part of a team.

Willow Class - Estimation Station!

Well done to our 2 estimation station winners this week!

Willow Class - Estimation Station!

Well done to our estimation station winner! With a grand total of 23 chocolate eyeballs, Kevin has won with an amazing estimation of 21 so he was only 2 away!

Well done! Don't eat them all at once!


In Maths this week, we have been exploring different number bonds within 10. We have used lots of different resources to help us. Look at these two superstars working hard to write the number sentences for number bonds to 8 and 9!


In year 1, we have been looking at maps. To start our new learning, we first had a walk around our local area. We looked at the different buildings, houses and roads. We used new vocabulary to describe places. We used the words; near, far, next to...


After our walk, we then mapped out everything we saw on our walk. We included; the junior school, the dentist, barber shop and even the street signs. Take a look...

English in Year 1 

We have been reading the story Old Bear this half term. We have been learning to describe the setting by writing a list poem, act out parts of the story and describe the characters. We used our story friends to help us re-tell the story in our own words. We are now going to write a letter to one of the characters who is stuck in the attic.

PE in Year 1

This Autumn PE will take place on the following days:

Miss Rock (Maple) & Miss Diamond/Mrs Michael's Class (Ash) - Tuesday & Thursdays

Mr Turner (Laurel) & Miss Ireland's Class (Willow) - Tuesday & Fridays.

On these days we would ask that the children come into school wearing their PE Kits. Please note that the school's PE Kit consists of a plain white t-shirt or Polo Shirt and black shorts/leggings or tracksuit bottoms (see below). If you have any problems with PE Kits please speak to your child's class teacher.

Thank you - The Year 1 Team


This week we have been learning how to use a part whole model. We can use counters and a part whole model to help us find out about addition within 10.

Art - final piece of work

Today we finished our Romero Britto inspired work. We included geometric shapes, bright colours and a colour wash to finish our self portraits.

National Fitness Day

We decided to get super fit on National Fitness Day! We had great fun running, jumping and counting how many star jumps we could do in one minute.

Art - Romero Britto

We have begun exploring the work of the Brazilian artist Romero Britto. Today we have been experimenting using geometric shapes and bright, vibrant colours in the same way that Britto does. We discovered that if we made patterns using oil pastels and then applied water colours the pastels would reject the paint. We hope you like our work.

PE - Ball Skills

Despite the hot weather we had fun exploring the skills of bouncing and dribbling a ball.  We practiced using gentle touches and spreading our fingers wide to help us control the ball when bouncing it. Next stop the NBA!

Continuous Provision

As we got used to our new base, we had lots of fun exploring the Continuous Provision area with our classmates. There are lots of exciting zones to explore. Today we were in the ‘Construction’ and ‘Writing’ zones. 

Ahead of our upcoming Year 1 information meetings, we have attached a copy of the Power Point we will be showing which details all the useful information you will need to know to support your child during their time in Year 1. We very much hope that everybody will be able to attend but understand that some people may not be able to do so, in which case we would encourage you to take a look at the document which includes information on our curriculum, how we teach RWI Phonics and support for you to help your child at home with their Phonics. If you have any questions, please contact Mr Turner at school.

Click on the links below for extra information about Read Write Inc and Phonics Screening Check. 

What is RWI?

Phonics Screening Check

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