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At our school, we aim to:

1.  Walk and pray with Jesus as a Christian family.

     To do this, we will:

  • provide a warm welcome to all
  • be kind and loving to each other as Jesus taught us
  • help and support each other
  • search for what is good and act as peacemakers
  • bring the values from the Gospel to life within our school family
  • pray, sing and celebrate together
  • celebrate the diversity and talents of all members  of our community 

2.  Inspire a love of learning in all. 

      To do this, we will:

  • provide an exciting, stimulating and inclusive learning environment that both challenges and supports learners
  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum that encompasses and enhances social, intellectual, emotional, physical, moral and spiritual development
  • promote active, independent skill based learning
  • acknowledge and celebrate our achievements
  • enable everyone to reach their full potential and develop to the best of their ability
  • provide opportunities for everyone to realise their dreams, recognise their own gifts and raise self esteem and self confidence
  • learn about and respect other faiths and cultures 

3.  Work in partnership with our families, parish and wider community. 

      To do this, we will:

  • work with parents and support them in their role as first educators, promote and encourage positive links between our school and the parish community
  • use our talents to enrich the lives of others and encourage active participation in community and school events
  • engage with the wider community through educational trips and welcome visitors into our school
  • recognise the wider community as an extension of our school family by, for example, participating in charitable events