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St Francis de Sales Catholic Infant and Nursery School recognises the clear link between the attendance, progress and attainment of pupils.  Our aim is to encourage the highest possible levels of attendance and punctuality for pupils within our school to support learning and development.  The importance of attendance and punctuality is underpinned by an awareness of safeguarding issues.  It is important to see our children every day and provide an educationally safe and secure environment.  To gain the greatest benefit from their education, it is vital that all pupils attend regularly and on time.  Pupils should aim to attend every day that the school is open.  We set a target for all pupils to aim for 100% attendance with the expectation pupils achieve at least 97%.  As a school we define regular attendance as 97% or above.

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If your child is going to be absent from school, it is your duty as the parent/carer to notify the school office prior to 9am.  You can contact the school office on 0151-525-8489 or fill in the absence form below, the reason for absence will be reviewed by the attendance officer; Mrs Hughes.  Once attendance has been reviewed, Mrs Hughes may call you to discuss in further detail.  If you are unsure regarding your child's illness and exclusion periods please view the 'Infection Exclusion Periods' table further down the page.  Please note upon your child's return to school, in order for the absence to be authorised, medical evidence will be required, you can email this to

Approved medical evidence consists of photograph of the medication prescribed (clearly showing the prescription label), letter from the doctor stating your child is not fit to attend school or a discharge note from the hospital. 

Report your child's absence

Please fill in the form below to report your child's absence

Medical Appointments

At St Francis de Sales Catholic Infant and Nursery school we understand children may need to attend medical appointments, however we do ask that routine dental/medical appointments are booked out of school hours.  If your child does need to attend a medical appointment we would expect your child to attend school either before or after their appointment (or both before and after if appointment around midday); a whole days absence will not be authorised.   A copy of the appointment letter will also be required, please email a photo/copy of your child's medical letter to the email address below: 


Holidays in term time are not permitted and will not be authorised.  If you are booking a holiday, a meeting with the head teacher is required.  Please call the school office on 0151-525-8489 to book a meeting.  Penalty charges will incur for both parents upon your child's return to school. 

The perfect time to take holidays is during the Whit Half term (May/June) as the children are off for 2 weeks, the majority of schools in the UK have 1 week.  You may find holiday costs are significantly reduced for one of these weeks. 

Infection Exclusion Periods

Most common childhood illnesses do not require your child to take time off school, if you click the link below 'Exclusion Table' this will take you to a government document which states childhood illnesses and their exclusion periods.  If your child is absent from school with an illness that does not have an exclusion period, your child's absence will not be authorised without medical evidence.


Exclusion Table

Attendance Incentives

Our School is part of 'Attendance Link Project' pilot scheme, as part of this scheme we will holding a variety of attendance incentive schemes throughout the school year.

Our incentive starts Monday 1st November until December 22nd December for all children, we are aiming for the whole school to reach 97% attendance.  Please click the links below for more details:

Cinema Day

Parent/Carers Letter