St Francis De Sales Catholic Infant And Nursery School

We walk, learn, love and smile together with Jesus

Super Science Sessions!!

We had lots of fun for our School's Science Day! We did an experiment with skittles, first of all coming up with different ideas of things we could do with them: we were thrilled to find they stuck to our hands (in an attempt to take the dye onto the hands). The children loved watching the colours appear like a rainbow and mixing. They also squealed with delight as Mrs Lewis used bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and green food colouring to make exploding green fizz! The children finished the day, using their senses to explore all the wonderful things in our world that we can see, hear, smell and feel.


Nursery Garden Party

We had loads of fun at our Summer Garden Party to introduce our children to Sports Day challenges and races. Thankyou to all families and friends who came to join in the games!

Check out the Liverpool Counts Quality Mark (LCQM) page. There are lots of photos and links to maths websites that will help you and your child at home.

Easter Craft Stay and Play

A big thank you to all the grown ups and siblings that came to take part in our Easter Craft Stay and Play. We had a great time making tasty crispy nests, creating Easter masks and prints as well as designing egg patterns. We also had a fantastic time showing off all of our fabulous Easter Bonnets. By the end, there were plenty of chocolate faces! 

From all of us at Nursery - we wish you a Happy Easter. 

World Book Day Stay and Play 

Thankyou to all of our mums, and dads, nannies, grandads and aunties who came to celebrate World Book Day with a Stay and Play Session in our Nursery! We had Matilda, the Mad Hatter, Mary Poppins, Little Red Riding Hood, Tinkerbell, Spiderman, The Gruffalo and many more of our favourite storybook characters in our school today!

Maths in all we do in Nursery

The children have been weighing ingredients, counting money, going on number hunts around school and measuring each other and finding shapes in our outside area. We love exploring maths in everyday life!

Massage Stay and Play

Today we had a lovely Stay and Play Session with lots of parents and carers enjoying massage with our nursery children! We all asked permission to give a massage and said thankyou for giving us permission to give a massage. We followed the Mini MISP routine of Eyeglasses, Bunny Hops, Hearts, Butterflies, Bear Walk and Brushing the Horse.

Yoga in Nursery

Nursery Children have been enjoying Yoga sessions on Mondays and Fridays with our new Yoga Teacher, Eve. This week we re-enacted We're Going on a Bear Hunt. We have finished sessions thinking of ways that we are amazing and we always end the session with a jump from floor to sky, chanting, 'We're Fantastic!" Namaste!

Children in Need Day

We raised lots of money for Children in Need today, by coming in our own clothes, holding a raffle, baking and decorating biscuits, along with lits of other activities.