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Family & Friends of St Francis de Sales Catholic Infant and Nursery School


F&FSFdSCINS was set up last year, with our Constitution formally signed earlier this year. We are Chaired by Miss O'Kane; Jennifer Simms is our Vice Chair; Jeanette Doherty is our secretary and Mrs Wynne Hughes is our Treasurer. Other active members are Rachel Navickas, Christine Spring, Paula Irwin, Vikki Bates, Jaime McCall, Maureen Delahunty, Mrs Duffy, Mrs Major and Mrs Hawkhead. We are excited about the potential of our community to work together to make our school a wonderful hub for our children and families. We always welcome new faces, so please feel free to speak with any of us if you would like to join!

At our last meeting we discussed our upcoming Arts Festival and other events coming up in the school.