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Mrs Major & Miss Ireland's class

Welcome to our class page!

Capital Cities!

This week, we have been learning about the Captial Cities for the four countries in the United Kingdom!

Scotland 》Edinburgh 

England 》London

Wales 》Cardiff

Northern Ireland 》Belfast

Buddy the Elf is back!!

Wow! Buddy the Elf is back! He will be visiting our class after his two week 'quarantine' from the North Pole.

Here is the letter he sent us!

The United Kingdom

We have been learning that there are four countries in the U.K -

Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland. 

Next, we will be learning about the capital cities of each country.

Children in Need 2020

  We have enjoyed raising money today to help 'Children in Need'.

We cheered on our ducks in the BBC Duck Race and watched the race live at 1pm!

Well Done Thomas!

Our duck race winner with 'Quackman and Bobbin'.

Decorating some Pudsey biscuits! 

A History Mystery...

We have been investigating a new person in History.

Watch this space!

We have been busy looking at the sources and thinking about what he may have worked as.

Mosaic - Antoni Gaudi

On the Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan

Our retell of Spike Milligan's poem!

Hot Chocolate Superstars!

Well done to our 6 superstars this week who have been chosen to go for hot chocolate with Mrs Melia!

Well deserved!

Maths Day!

We have enjoyed lots of different maths games and activities today to celebrate 'Maths Day'.

National Fitness Day!

We had a fun day doing lots of exercise and tasting lots of delicious fruits and vegetables!