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We have been playing lots of fun games using the phase 2 and phase 3 sound mats.We have been trying to remember our sounds when reading and spelling.

Miss Rock

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Miss Rock Mrs Middleton and Mrs Costellos class we are settling in well into our new year 1 class and are having lots of  fun learning and making new friends.

Keep checking our page for updates on what we are learning.

Mental Health Awareness Day

On Friday we all dressed in yellow to show our support for mental health awareness day .Enter text...

PE  - Brilliant Ball Skills

In P.E this week we have been catching a ball from a throw and on a bounce.We have also been working in pairs and small groups to master sending and receiving skills.

Maths consolidation 

We have been representing numbers using different objects and counters and checking our numbers through counting.

       National Poetry Day                                      

We had fun celebrating National Poetry Day today by singing and performing lots         of Nursery rhymes. We loved 'Old MacDonald had a farm! Watch our video here  ......


                                                             Think Room

Noah has been playing in the think room this week he really enjoyed making train tracks .

                               National Fitness Day 

We had great fun on National Fitness Day exercising our bodies through dancing, circuits,jogging and stretching.We tried a healthy snack in the afternoon of watermelon,pineapple,cucumber,carrot sticks and hummus.


In maths we have been sorting and grouping objects into different categories.We have been representing numbers using objects such as blocks,numicon and counters.

...We have been practising writing letters in the long ladder family.They are l I t u j and y.