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Miss Rock

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Miss Rock Mrs Middleton and Mrs Costellos class we are settling in well into our new year 1 class and are having lots of  fun learning and making new friends.

Keep checking our page for updates on what we are learning.

Forest School

We finally got to light the campfire in forest school .It was so much fun ! We really enjoyed toasting marshmallows to make our s’mores!

Science Day


What fun we had making predictions,carrying out experiments and recording our findings.There were lots of surprises too!


We have been making equal groups in maths using equipment to help us .



The Great Fire OfLondon — We really enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London.The Baker Thomas Farriner joined us on a zoom to tell us all about it.We looked and compared London past and present and we placed the events on a timeline.


In Maths we have been looking at arrays and counting how many objects are in each set.We have been counting the equal groups to find the total.



The Three Little Pigs- In this weeks storybox mummy pig sent off her three little  pigs into the big world to make a home of their own. We met mummy pig who was feeling upset and we came up with lots of ideas to make her feel better!

Sports Day Practice    


The sun shone brightly for us whilst we were practicing our ball skills and running for sports day ! We cannot wait for it !  

Forest School

We had great fun in forest school digging,making dens and mobiles.We made some tasty dishes in the mud kitchen .We cannot wait for next time!


We enjoyed our maths game this week.It was so much fun working in pairs to find one more and one less.


We have been very busy in Maths this week learning our 2s and solving number calculations for addition and subtraction using part -whole models,tens frames and number lines.


We have been learning our Tricky words in Phonics and we have been making them with play doh.

World Book Day

We had great fun dressing up on World Book Day ! We listened to lots of Beatrix Potter stories.It was lovely to zoom our friends at home and to see them all dressed up too ! We enjoyed our parade on the playground and sharing our favourite books with one another. We did lots of fun activities and we had a book quiz too !

This week in maths we have been using part whole models and ten frames to solve addition calculations.We have also been using our number bonds to help us .

We had fun playing out in the sunshine ☀️


We celebrated all we have been learning in our topic Special people by having a collective worship.We drew those special to us .

Mental Health Week

We enjoyed expressing ourselves through our clothes,dance,drama and art.We did pictures in a heart of all the things we enjoy .

JSaint Francis De sales Feast Day 

We had fun celebrating Saint Francis De Sales feast  day.We read lots of books by Jill Murphy and we did a book review! Saint Francis De Sales loved books too!

Week 4-Story box! Lots of Change.

In this weeks story we learn that time has changed.It is now the year 2000!#

The house survived the war! There are new people living in the house.The house looks different.There has been lots of change and new inventions ! Can you spot the Hoover and the plastic toys? They didn't exist in the Victorian times.

Major Glad and Major Dizzy are finally discovered and rescued from under the floorboards.

Challenge: Mum hast lost her keys.Can you write a list of places where she could look for them.


In science we have been looking at classroom objects to see what materials they are made from.Are they wood,plastic,fabric,glass or metal ?

Narrative Immmersion

Week 2- My toys are missing!

Oh no! William has realised that his toys have vanished.He isn't very happy.Could you help him look for them? Where could he look ?

Could you make a list of places that he could search and post them to your class Seesaw page ?

We discover that William has now grown up and he is heard crying in the house.It is now during World War 1.Countries were at war attacking and bombing each other.Buildings were ruined and people lost their lives.Could you ask your parents or grandparents if they know what happened during this time ?

It was a sad time for all.The soldiers were so brave and nurses had to look after the injured soldiers.Many children were sent away from their families to live in the countryside where it was considered to be safe.This happened to my Grandma.She was sent to Wales in a quiet place .She lived on a farm with another family.She has to stay there until the war is over and it was safe to return back home.Luckily her family were still there when she returned to Liverpool but many were not as fortunate and lost their beloved family members.It was devastating!

Victorian Day

What fun we had on Victorian day dressing up in old clothes and acting as though we were in the Victorian times .Miss Victoria was super strict and we could not talk or ask questions .We thought it was difficult to write with chalk on our chalkboards and we had to use our right hand.We looked at some artefacts and we enjoyed sharing them with our class friends on our zoom call .


We began our new Narrative Immersion story this week- Major Glad,Major Dizzy which is set in the Victorian times. We discovered that Amelia wasn't very happy in the story because she was expected to sit and sew her sampler whilst her brother William could play with his toy wooden soldier Major Glad and Major Dizzy.Amelia did a sneaky trick and hid her sewing needle and the toy soldiers under the floorboards.How will William feel about this ?


Sometimes it is good to just stop,relax and just be!It is lovely to see you all joining in with our class mediation but most of all to see you enjoying it .

Christmas Dinner

How lovely was Christmas Dinner in the hall with all the beautiful lights and our real Christmas tree.Well done to our packed lunches for trying it ! Lots of clean plates too !

Librarians for the afternoon

Thanks to our class Reading Ambassador and friends for sorting all the books in our library putting them into the correct basket.It looks so well organised now! Amazing Well Done!

Party Day

"The best day of my life !" said Jax ! I'm glad you all enjoyed the Christmas party.You were all wonderful playing our party games,dancing and it looks like you all enjoyed the party food ! You all looked fantastic in your party clothes and hats ! How nice to be able to enjoy a party in school !

Drop Everything and Read

We all loved bringing in our favourite books last Friday for Drop Everything and Read.We talked about why we chose the book and it was lovely to see you sharing your favourite books with your friend.

Our Reading Ambassoder

Thank you to all the children who completed their forms explaining why they would make a great Reading Ambassador.We listened to all the candidates and we made a class vote.Well done to Sofia who was chosen!You will be able to help me make reading better in our school.


We have been learning all the different parts of the body in science and their functions.We enjoyed playing games to see who could label each other the quickest.

Narrative Immersion

We travelled to the South Pole this week in Storyworld.Tom has got the penguin back home safely however the penguin was sadder than ever! He missed Tom -his new friend.Our writing challenge this week is to get a message to Tom.

Narrative Immersion

In week 4 of Storyworld we had to help Tom prepare for his journey to the South Pole.Tom was feeling anxious so we sang him a song and helped him pack for his long journey.We think we gave him the courage to go !He has the penguin to keep him company and we want to make sure that he gets back to where he belongs.

Hot Chocolate Friday

Well done to our super six who were chosen to enjoy hot chocolate and treats with Mrs Melia last Friday! Thank you for trying your very best -you deserve a treat !

Story box Week 3

This week in story world we were given some bird whistles and vocabulary identify,support and communicate.We figured out that Tom was trying to find out how he could talk to the penguin to ask him what was wrong.Maybe the birds could help us - a penguin is a bird after all.Our writing challenge this week is to write a message to the birds asking them for help .


Children in Need

Thank you for your kind donations last week! We had so much fun dressing up for Children in Need.We exercised with Joe Wicks and Pudsey bear,made our own Pudsey's and had a class raffle.Well done to our lucky winners you looked so cute with your ears and badges!


This week in PE we have been learning how to skip with our skipping ropes but none of us could beat Miss Rock's score! We now each have our own skipping ropes and we will be using them each day at play times to help to keep us fit and healthy.

Story Box

In week 2 of our story box we found a missing penguin poster inside. We travelled to the Lost and Found office to see if the lady could help us but it was such a mess.We had to help her sort out all the missing items.There was still no place for a penguin so our writing challenge this week is to write a list of ways to help to get the penguin home where he belongs

Narrative Immersion

Lost and Found

Our story box ritual began this week.We had special clues in our story box and we had to guess what could be happening.Our special wizard revealed the clues.

In story world this week we met a little boy Tom.He was shocked to find a penguin at his front door! We had to be animal experts and find out about penguins so we could help Tom to take care of him .

Fine Motor and Construction 

We had fun this week making penguins from our story Lost and Found.We then made a home for them using construction materials.

DT- Making a sensory animal

In DT this week we have had fun designing and making a sensory farm animal.We had to select our own materials and equipment.We had to use our tools to cut,attach and join together to make our product.We then evaluated our product to say what we liked and disliked about it .

Continuous Provision

We enjoyed making Halloween models in the DT area this week.We selected our own materials and attached them together using cellotape and glue .

In Maths we have been comparing objects using language smaller than and greater than .

Mental Health Awareness Day

On Friday we all dressed in yellow to show our support for mental health awareness day .Enter text...

PE  - Brilliant Ball Skills

In P.E this week we have been catching a ball from a throw and on a bounce.We have also been working in pairs and small groups to master sending and receiving skills.

Maths consolidation 

We have been representing numbers using different objects and counters and checking our numbers through counting.

       National Poetry Day                                      

We had fun celebrating National Poetry Day today by singing and performing lots         of Nursery rhymes. We loved 'Old MacDonald had a farm! Watch our video here  ......


                                                             Think Room

Noah has been playing in the think room this week he really enjoyed making train tracks .

                               National Fitness Day 

We had great fun on National Fitness Day exercising our bodies through dancing, circuits,jogging and stretching.We tried a healthy snack in the afternoon of watermelon,pineapple,cucumber,carrot sticks and hummus.


In maths we have been sorting and grouping objects into different categories.We have been representing numbers using objects such as blocks,numicon and counters.

...We have been practising writing letters in the long ladder family.They are l I t u j and y.