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Narrative Immersion 

The Queens Knickers 

Oh no! In this weeks story

box we had clues that something is missing. We discovered that the Queens knickers have gone missing. Police inspector Plum has been called to investigate.

We have interviewed those who May have witnessed what happened.

we still don't know where it is.


United Kingdom

We have been learning about The United Kingdom this week in Geography. We have found out what countries make up the United Kingdom and it was really fun making maps us using Play-Doh.

Narrative Immersion 

The Queens Knickers

Week 1

We have been fully immersed into our new story The Queens Knickers by Nicholas Allan this week. We have met Dylys the Queens maid who likes to look after the Queens Knickers.

Forest School




In Science we have been identifying materials and looking at what different materials everyday objects are made from. We have been describing their common properties such as bendy, shiny, dull, soft, hard and transparent. 

Narrative Immerson

Major Glad, Major Dizzy 

An evacuated child

Week 3

This week in our story we met Amelia she was very sad because she had been evacuated from her home during world war 1. We talked about how she must have felt and what it would be like to be separated from our families   

Narrative Immersion

Major Glad, Major Dizzy

Week 2 

Amelia was very frustrated in our story this week. She wanted to play with the toy soildiers Major Glad and Major Dizzy. She didn't want sit and sew so she sneakily hid the soildiers and her sewing needle under the floorboards. The soldiers came to life and under the floorboards became their private empire.

Narrative Immersion

Major Glad and Major Dizzy

Week 1

 We were immersed into our new book this week and we went back into the 1800's. We discovered that life was very different back then. The boys in the story played with very different toys and the girls had to sit and sew samplers. How unfair!

Miss Rock

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Miss Rock and Miss Rice's class we are settling in well into our new year 1 class and are having lots of fun learning and making new friends.

Keep checking our page for updates on what we are learning.

Narrative Immersion

This term our topic is Me and My World.  We cannot wait to delve into our Narrative Immersion text Lost and Found. We have so many lovely activities planned, the children will just love it. 

Library visit 

We really enjoyed our visit to the library. A huge thanks to Irene for reading Shark in the Park to us. We cannot wait to get our library cards so we can go and borrow lots of books.

Mallable Area

We have loved making some of our own penguins this week with plasticine from our Narrative Immersion story Lost and Found. We hope they'll all be friends together. This activity was super for strengthening our hands and fingers.

Communicating with birds!

This week in our Lost and Found story we have been trying to communicate with the birds. Can they help us to find a home for our lost penguin? If we attract them with our bird feeders maybe they'll help us! Please help us! 

Our journey to the South Pole  

This week we found out that the penguin comes from the South Pole. 

We must get him home.

So we have made a boat for the journey and we have decided what to take with us-lots of food, warm clothes and a map. 

We have enjoyed lots of role play activities this week travelling across the ocean and seas. 

Keep checking up on us to see where we go next week.

National Poetry Day

We celebrated National Poetry Day by reading lots of poems and rhymes about the sea! 

We even wrote some of our own!

Hooray! we have arrived at the South Pole.

We have arrived at the South Pole. Our mission is complete. The penguin is back home. It feels so cold and icy here! We are learning what it is like to live her. the penguin happy here? 
Check back next week to see what we get up to next. 


Well done to Halle and Joseph for a wonderful week you deserved to celebrate in our assembly. I hope enjoy sharing your certificate with your families.

Lost and Found

In  the final week of our story we realised the penguin was not lost after all and he just wanted to be Toms friend. We celebrated the penguin and Tom being reunited. We are now planning a party for our final week in school to celebrate friendship. 

Friendship is happiness.

Lost and Found has been a fantastic read this half term and has took us on an incredible adventure and set our imaginations free. 
We have loved it! 

World Mental Health Day.

To raise awareness this week all our teachers dressed in yellow to make our school bright like the sunshine. We talked about our feelings and how we can help each other to be happy.

DT- Making a sensory book for the lost penguin. 

This week we have been designing and making a sensory book for the penguin to cheer him up. We have been discussing and selecting different materials and tools to make our book. 
The Penguin is going to love them! 



The children have found it really interesting learning about Baptism. We have looked at the signs and symbols of Baptism. We had so much fun and learned so much when we baptised our class doll. 
This week our homework is all about our own baptism, we look forward to seeing some beautiful memories of their own special day. 


Well done to Ava and Jenson for a wonderful week you deserved to celebrate in our assembly. I hope enjoy sharing your certificate with your families. 

Black History Month- Mo Farah 

This week we have been learning about the life and successes of British Olympic hero Mo Farah. We  have been learning about his childhood, when he moved with his family to Britain and how he became a successful athlete and a role model for young people all over the world.


Half Term! 

Thank you to each and every one of our 30 fantastic children who have contributed to making our class a fun place to be every day! You have all worked so hard this half term you deserve a fantastic break, we hope you have a wonderful time off with your families. 
Happy half term! 
See you all very soon 

Miss Rock and Miss Rice. 

 Welcome back to school after your well deserved rest. We hope you all had a wonderful time off with your families and you are all ready to begin a really exciting half term. 

Have a look at our Autumn 2 overview to see what we will be learning this half term. 
keep checking back to see what we get up to.
Its  going to be a fun one! 

Our First Dance Lesson. 

This half term dance will be taught as part of our curriculum. We have a specialist dance teacher who will be teaching us each week. 
Have a look at the pictures from our first lesson and check out our moves!
We had so much fun!

Our Trip to Chester Zoo 

We had a fantastic time at Chester Zoo, we saw lots of amazing animals and even got to meet the penguins, they were just like the penguin from our story Lost and Found. 

Children in Need!

The children have had a wonderful day raising money for Children in Need.

We enjoyed making and eating our Pudsey biscuits.

Thank you for your kind donations. 


Narrative Immersion 

The Snail and the Whale 

The world is your oyster! The snail has an itchy foot and wants to see the world. The children helped him find a solution to his problem.

We are off on an adventure, keep checking to see where the snails itchy foot takes us.


The snail and the whale

The snail has a sore tummy,

The whale came to visit us today and he was so sad, his tummy was so sore from all the plastic pollution in the sea.

We tried to help the whale by thinking of ways to stop people polluting the oceans with plastics.

We came up with some great ideas!

We hope the whale feels well enough for more adventures across the world. 



In dance this week we have incorporated our narrative immersion story ' The Snail and the Whale’ into our lesson.
We have been focusing on the movements of the snail, imitating how a snail moves and how he would travel around the world.

We had so much fun!


Hot and cold places.


In Geograohy we have been identifying hot and cold places in the world. We can find the North and South Poles and Africa on a globe.

Narraive Immersion 

The beached whale! 

In story world this week we had to help the distressed snail who was overwhelmed by the beached whale. After all he is too small to move him by himself. We thought about asking the Incredible Hulk to help or the fire rescue service. 


Richard Symonds 

After our visit to the zoo and looking at the art work of Richard Symonds we have really enjoyed making animal sculptures this week using clay. We have included key features such as a head, legs and a tail/wings. We have used various modelling tools such as rolling pins and cutters and we have been rolling, kneading and scoring the clay.

Narrative Immersion 

Lets Save the Whale!

In storyworld this week our clues included a fire engine, a bottle of water and a message from the snail to save the whale. Our key vocabulary words were fetch, team and hooray!

We guessed that the children fetched a team of fire fighters to dig a pool for the whale.

We guessed right! Hooray! 

SANTA! I know him! 

We had a fantastic time meeting Santa... Guess who made the Nice list!




Christmas Craft Day

Christmas craft day was so much fun! We really enjoyed making all our Christmassy creations.

Thank you for your kind donations.

Dont forget to sprinkle your reindeer food on Christmas Eve and let the magic begin. 

Merry Christmas!