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The United Kingdom

Our Narrative Immersion in The Queen's Knickers story has been perfect for us to learn about the United Kingdom for our Geography Curriculum. We are learning and using the names of the 4 countries, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland . Using maps and atlases, we have been looking at the UK's location in the World, and in relation to the Equator, building on our previous Geographical learning. We have investigated London in greater depth and built our understanding that London is the capital of England, and the UK. Following on from this, we are learning about physical and human features, particularly human features that can be found in London.

Place Value Genuises in the Making

We are learning the value of tens and ones in 2 digit numbers and how they can help us with our comparing and counting. We are using the language of greater than, less than, equal to, how many, ones, tens, greatest, most, fewest and comparing.

Yogis do Yoga

We are loving working on our slow flow, building strength in our core, and using stretching techniques to help us to feel centred and at our best!


We had Harry Potters, princesses, fairies, superheroes, spacemen, Postman Pat, Mary Poppins, SpongeBob in his Square Pants, Woody, Snow White, Cat in the Hat, Professor Dumbledore, Knights, Forky and the Little Mermaid grace our class to make it a Story Wonderland for World Book Day! Thankyou for all of your efforts!!

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The Queen's Knickers

The Queen's Knickers is our Narrative Immersion text for Spring 2. The children will learn about Dylis, the Queen's Knicker Maid, and help solve the problem of the Queen's Knickers going missing, only to be mixed up with a picnic trunk. We will plan an itinerary for Queen Elizabeth to make official visits to the 4 countries in the United Kingdom, and with the help of a journalist from the BBC, document her trip around the United Kingdom - all with an eye on the all important knickers she will wear on each leg of her trip. This trip will look at the importance of Travel and  Pride (Personal and National) and we will also delve into Roles and Responsibilities - enquiry questions in these areas will be asked of our children to deepen their thinking of connected issues. 

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NSPCC Number Day

On our NSPCC Number Day the children sorted their coins and explored their features. They counted them and talked about what they could do with the money; how they could spend it. Children learned about having a smaller amount of higher value coins being better to carry around than many lower value coins. Children were given different amounts of money and asked to explore the difference between their amounts. Thank you so much for contributing your pennies to the NSPCC - a cause very close to our hearts!

Forest School

The Children had a wonderful learning experience with Mrs Wynne-Hughes and Mrs Asteriadi in their Forest School Session. They worked creatively and safely in teams, and made marks on their cheeks to show they belonged to a tribe!

Major Glad, Major Dizzy is our text for Narrative Immersion this half term. The children will be learning about timelines and important events since 1870, told through the experiences of 2 toy soldiers, Major Glad and Major Dizzy.

Victorian Day

Fun was temporarily parked on Friday for our children to experience being children at a Victorian school. The children, with their Victorian names, had to follow very strict rules on the day and did themselves proud! They enjoyed exploring Victorian toys and artefacts, they played ring games common in the late 19th century and they used blackboards and chalk to practise their writing. Needless to say, we will be back to normal next week!

The countdown to Christmas is on! We wish you a happy time during Advent, a time of preparing our hearts and minds for Jesus' birthday.


We loved learning about and making our very own Christingles, to appreciate the wonder and beauty of God's world and the light that we can share with others at Christmas-time

Miss O'Kane and Mrs Aston's class

Class Superstars

We were so delighted that Harry and Sophia had such a wonderful time at the Storybarn at Calderstones and the staff there were extremely impressed with Harry and Sophia's impeccable behaviour - they said they were excellent ambassadors for our school! Thankyou Sophia and Harry and congratulations on your headteacher's award!

The Big Red Bus Visit

The Book People brought their Big Red Bus for our children to enjoy exploring a range of Fiction and Information books! I'm sure pockets were emptied to pay for some, so we hope all books are being enjoyed at home!

Christmas Craft Fun Day

The children loved our Christmas Craft Fun Day - we made snowflakes, clay Christmas decorations, Christmas cards, Reindeer Food (eco-friendly of course!) and Snowman biscuits - mmm, mmm, mmm! The Big Man (aka Santa) paid us a visit and all the children were delighted to meet him and receive a gift from him!

The Snail and the Whale Narrative Immersion

The children have been fully immersed in Julia Donaldson's fantastic story, The Snail and the Whale. We have been Whale Rescuers and eco-warriors, written letters to Fishermen, and worked as teams to help the snail and the whale. The Snail and the Whale will be on TV on the BBC on Christmas Day!

Stay and Pray

We reflected on our worries and blew them away for God to look after in today's Stay and Pray where we welcomed parents and grandparents. As we blew our worries away we said "cast all your worries onto God because he cares about you." We reflected on Jesus' teaching that God will look after us, just as he does the birds and the flowers, but more as we matter so much more to him! We hope all of the children (and grown ups) got lots of comfort from this!

Children in Need

Thankyou to all our wonderful children who supported all of the great causes that Children in Need works in aid of. We learned of the struggles of some children and reflected on how lucky we are. We thought about what we have to be grateful for in a reflective gratitude lesson in PSHE. We played Pudsey Maths and phonics games and decorated biscuits too.

Visit to Chester Zoo

We were thrilled to be immersed in all the wonder of the animals at the zoo - we put on our bravest faces in the bat cave, adored the families of elephants, watched the giraffes in awe, were entertained by the penguins and flamingos, and saw the amazing sight of lions devouring a carcass.

Lost and Found Narrative Immersion

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers has been our first fantastic text which we have fully immersed ourselves in for our lessons in English, Science, Design and Technology and in our Continuous Provision. We have loved helped the little boy and the penguin to solve lots or problems, such as where did the penguin come from and how do we look after a penguin? We set up a Lost Property office, planned a journey to the South Pole and wrote postcards home describing what it was like in Antarctica! The children had such a rich vocabulary experience in all they learned from reading this book! We hope you enjoyed hearing tales of our adventures at home!


Our current Come and See Topic is on Baptism and the children are applying their learning in class in our Continuous Provision area, using the vocabulary that they are learning to enrich their understanding of the Signs and Symbols in this sacrament.

Our Visit to St Francis de Sales Church

Father Ged welcomed us to the Church to celebrate the end of our Baptism topic where we learned how we all belong to the Church and become part of God's Family through Baptism. We re-enacted a Baptism with Parents, Godparents and a baby doll wearing white, lit a baptism candle to present to the Godparents, anointed the doll with oil of chrism and joined in our blessing, 'In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit'. We also enjoyed listening to the important story of Jesus' baptism by his cousin John the Baptist. We left our church thinking of how we can follow God's way with the light of Jesus in our hearts in all that we do and say.

The children have enjoyed settling in to Year 1 with Mrs Aston and Miss O'Kane

We have had lots of fun getting to know each other, playing together, sharing our ideas (and our toys), reading, writing, singing, drawing, dancing and talking! Lost and Found has been a brilliant driver story for us to immerse ourselves into, to solve problems,  and learn about friendship and how we can solve problems together. Thankyou to each and every one of our 30 fantastic, happy children who contribute to making our class a fun and welcoming place to be every day! More coming soon!