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Would you believe it...poor Humpty Dumpty found in pieces and his wall in tatters! The children knew we needed to call the Police to report the crime and we became investigators! We thought about what happened, how it happened and how we could help...lots of clues to be found it was hard to keep track but luckily children made a record and kept a log. Recognising numbers, we were able to lay bricks to build a wall (not before experimenting with the idea of horizontal and vertical) and fit the pieces of Humpty back together again. Next, we put home made Humpty Dumpty creations to the test, using our word of the week, prediction, we each predicted what would happen when pushed and the best material for making a Humpty Dumpty. We finished by peeling eggs, what a week!

Nursery Rhyme Week 

This has to be one of our favourite times in nursery, nursery rhyme week! The children enjoy so many activities inspired by nursery rhymes, developing their knowledge and understanding of language, number, rhyme, alliteration, shape, space and so much more. At home, sing rhymes everyday and ask your class teacher for new ideas to try at home to bring rhymes alive. 


We follow the Come and See curriculum and learn about the Catholic faith. Here are the children re-enacting a Baptism. If you haven't shared your photographs from home, please do so! It's wonderful to bring learning alive!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Our number focus of 1,2 and 3 is great for this text and we have explored so much more...distance, time, weight and measurement. We thought about where Goldilocks went when she left the bears cottage and built a plane outside (not forgetting a map to help Goldilocks on her way!) 


Autumn is a wonderful time and with it, brings PUMPKINS! Take a look at us exploring how they grow, shape, colour, weight and texture. We estimated and counted seeds inside before manipulating to change the appearance of our pumpkins. 

Let's go Fly a Kite!

 We have been enjoying all that the wind brings, exploring shape and size to design and fly our very own kites! Can you make a kite at home? What will you need? Great opportunity to practise using scissors and understand what we use tools for. 

Making Playdough

A great activity to develop listening, attention and fine motor skills. The children followed instructions carefully to make dough and enjoyed playing with it even more than making it! Lots of trial and error but learning from mistakes is fun! If you need a recipe, just let us know...hours of fun the opportunities are endless.

The Great Outdoors!

We have been busy exploring the world on our train this week - we developed our understanding of number as we labelled carriages, placed them in order and thought about time (you can't afford to miss your train!) The children made tickets and worked together to fix the track. The children also enjoyed building a camp fire, we discussed fire safety and used Mrs Stokes iPad to find out ways to light a fire; I think we might be ready for forest school sessions! Wonderful opportunity to share,take turns and listen to others and their ideas. 

Our First Full Time Week 

What a wonderful week! We've managed full time with a couple of extra snacks and naps! We have been learning a lot about sharing, taking turns and listening to others ideas. Homework is based around Baptism and becoming a part of God's family - we even took some 'family' photographs and worked out how to use the iPad for a safe selfie! Please take a look at our curriculum map for an insight to what we will be working on in nursery and for more on safe selfies and online safety, visit our safeguarding page. 

Second Week 

It's been another busy week for the children settling into nursery; we have been exploring materials and developing our social skills. Outside, we have been looking for signs of Autumn; homework this week is to go on an Autumn walk, not forgetting to encourage children to independently put on their coat. Next week, children will eat lunch in nursery and must bring their own clearly labelled water bottle. 

Reception Admissions - September 2021

It's that time of admissions for Reception September 2021 are now open! Applications are made via the council in which you live; please select one of the links below to apply. If you need support, please do ask! 

Liverpool -

Sefton -

Our First Week at Nursery

What a wonderful first week! The children have been busy painting, reading, building, exploring and most importantly, building new friendships. We can't wait to see what next week brings. Mrs Stokes class will attend 9-11am everyday; please ensure you wear a mask on arrival to school and maintain a safe distance of 2m from others. 

Welcome to Nursery! My name is Mrs Stokes and Mrs Hawkhead is our class teaching assistant; we can't wait to get to know you! Below you will find all the information you need for the date/time your child will start nursery...