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Welcome to our class page! We will post lots of photos on here so that you can see all of the fun and learning that happens in our class

Acorns Visit the Airport ✈️ 

We had a great trip to Wynne Aviation at the airport. We watched an airplane taking off on it’s way to Dublin. We drove a forklift and climbed aboard an arctic lorry. It was so much fun and lots of us would like to be long distance lorry drivers when we grow up now! 

Merry Christmas from Acorn Class! 

Say Hello to Jigsaw Jennie!

We have been learning all about emotions in our Jigsaw lessons. We took turns to share our ideas and thought carefully about different feelings. Look at us passing emotions around the circle! 

 Mammiit’s time for Pizza! 
Things have been very Italian for Pizza week in Acorns. We have sequenced how to make a pizza, painted pizzas and made a shopping list...all in preparation for the main event... making pizza! 

We all Scream for Ice-cream!

We have been learning all about yummy ice-cream in our class, we have talked about hot & cold and looked closely at ice. We have experimented to see how fast ice melts in our classroom and we even made our own ice-cream to taste! It was a delicious week in Acorns.